Hi and Welcome.  I decided to blog about caregiving to meet other people who are living with or caring for people who have more than the average needs.  I know I am not alone and I would like to hear from others.

I live with my husband who has suffered with severe back pain for over 40 years.  He has had 8 back surgeries.  It is very stressful living with someone in pain.  Sometimes I just want to scream and run out the front door to escape the tension.  But I don’t; he is the love of my life and so here I am and I am hoping that writing and sharing will be a comfort to me and to you.  (As I write this he is pacing and telling me how bad he feels.)

My mom developed Alzheimer’s symptoms around age 55 and lived for 30 more years under mostly my father’s care. Toward the end, she thought I was her mother. My father developed dementia at a later age and was hospitalized with emphysema.  His last words to me before he died were “my daughter is against me”.  I know he wasn’t himself but it was terrible to hear.

I found myself in some very dark moments but I have managed to cope with God’s help and a sense of humor.    But they were  just moments and I gradually saw that I needed coping mechanisms and found several that helped.

I plan to share how I managed to get through the tough moments  and even laugh through the disasters and uncomfortable situations.

If you are checking out this blog you are probably hoping for a little help in dealing with how to cope with the issues of taking care or being around someone who needs your help.  I hope the ideas brought forth by me and others who comment will be encouraging and get you through the hard times.

Please feel free to comment on this blog or any comments.  Ask questions.  Tell us how you handled tough situations.  Sometimes just knowing you aren’t alone; that others are experiencing the same things will help you cope.  Share your poetry, recipies or favorite scriptures.  Tell us how these things helped you.  Share your craft ideas or decorating tricks.

If you have a favorite Nursing Home that you would like to share, I will post it.  I dreaded finding a place for my mom and I would have loved to have had a list of nice homes to visit.

I’m a Christian and attend Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa.  I will be posting scriptures that helped me and will be happy to share yours also.


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