Loving the Unloveable

It is so easy to love the gentle, loving people in my life but loving bitter, ornery or abrasive people are a challenge.  Shortly after I was married, my mother in law came to live with us.  There was no pleasing her.  The food was cooked the way she liked it or at the right time of day.  I set her hair in curlers like she wanted but thought it was awful and I took her to the hair dresser. The list goes on and on.

Fortunately, God was overseeing my life and He brought some wonderful ducks into my life to show me that I need to love the unloveable even more than the people who are easy to love.  I wrote this poem to help me remember that lesson.

Every year about Springtime, my feathered friends, the ducks arrive.

They build their nests upon the seawall ledge, And there they sit, too close to the edge.

Laying their eggs, keeping them warm day and night, Never fearing the eggs may roll out and fall from that height.

Never the less they remain in tack, Until the day they begin to hatch.

On day number one, three hatched, that I know; That left her with three more to go.

On day number two, three more did arrive, but the first three were struggling to stay alive.

They had no water nor any food to eat.  They needed care!  They were getting too weak.

So out on the ledge my husband did take, some food and water but it was a mistake.

For off in the air, the babies took flight but not all of them left, the weak ones stuck tight.

So out in the raft my husband did go, to catch them all so all together they could grow.

It wasn’t easy but catch them he did, so into a cage all the babies he slid.

Weak ones and strong ones, together they were, huddling in the corner with no mother.

Their mama was frightened, too scared to come near, but we couldn’t release the babies, they would die it was clear.

So we raised them ourselves; they were fed night and day.  Eye droppers were used; we struggled along the way.

Two were so weak but gathered strength each day; while others grew larger and spent more time at play.

One of the weakest needed to be guided everywhere, we helped him, guided him and gave him extra care.

We would lead him to water, to food and to bed; we spoke of his eyesight, “Might be blind” my husband said.

As the days passed, he became more precious than the rest; the little lost duck was special to us.

But then came the day when the vet verified; his blindness was sure and both of us cried.

Not in the wild nor at home could we keep so the little blind duck had to be put to sleep.

On the way home from the vet that day, the Lord showed me the purpose of our blind duck’s stay.

The people around us who don’t have God’s spirit in their heart are like the little blind duck always losing his way.

Instead of shunning and avoiding their wrath, God wants us to love them and show them His path.

Like the blind duck, they need special love.  We are all they have got, we must show them God’s love.

The well babies were released and joined their mother.  We attached a raft to our dock and the babies and mom came back and forth easily.  We could always recognize the ones we raised because they were healthy and had brighter feathers and took the same spot on the dock each year.


About The Crafty Quail

I am a beginner art quilter and am enjoying spending time in my studio/dining room. I am either catching the latest quilting class at Craftsy.com or working on my latest art quilt. I live in beautiful Orange County, California with my husband, son and 3 crazy dogs.
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  1. bob says:

    cuz i love your work in doing this blog keep up the good work cuz bob love U.

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