Finding Humor in Embarrasing Moments

Laughter is the best medicine

There are so many times when dealing with Alzheimer’s patients or family members when you just want to hide in horror.  Some too awful to repeat but I can share this and it was a big turning point in my journey in helping my mom.

When my mother was well, she kept a lovely home and decorated it beautifully.  They didn’t have much money but it was always colorful and cheery.  Not my taste (orange 2 inch shag) but fairly normal overall.  She was always adding and taking away of decorator items and I believe she was trying to carry on that practice even after she was in the later stages of the disease.

It started with a hair dryer; the kind in a case with the plastic cover and long hose that she placed on the turntable in the center of the kitchen table.  A few days later she brought in the owl from the back yard that was used to scare away the birds from the vegetable garden.  She placed it next to the dryer followed up by two large sea shells that had also been outside for years.

My father was so good to her.  He would just nod and let her do as she pleased.  It was a good lesson for me.  He had learned to live in her world without judging.  He accepted her ways and let her enjoy whatever moments of life that she could.  I realized there was no such thing as “normal” for her and I began to look forward to finding humor and just not worrying about how things looked to other people.


About The Crafty Quail

I am a beginner art quilter and am enjoying spending time in my studio/dining room. I am either catching the latest quilting class at or working on my latest art quilt. I live in beautiful Orange County, California with my husband, son and 3 crazy dogs.
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